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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  October 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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city. and two cousins confront the armman accused of ripping them off. how this dangerous pursuit came to an end. a girl hospitalized after this vicious fight between students from centennial and arbor view high schools. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm jim snyder in for reed tonight. it's not clear yet what sparked the fight between students from rival schools. news 3's antonio castelan shows us how metro is trying to track down the kids who started the trouble. ? >> reporter: frey night -- friday night it was a battle on the football field between centennial and arbor view. arbor view won, 28-7.
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football field to this centennial hills in-n-out. students kicked at in-n-out employees. students from both schools hit and punched one another. >> i think they took it way too far. one person fought someone else. that would have been okay. it was way too much. >> reporter: centennial high senior george still can't believe what happened. metro police say the brawl got so violent, a girl had to be transpor themselves for emergency care. >> arbor view senior says this fight is a black eye for his school. >> i think it was a bad representation for the school. the people are wearing our colors and gear. i just think it shouldn't have went down. >> reporter: metro police are looking for the aggressors who started the brawl. it's still not clear what started the fight. he says the in-n-out employee getting hit was just trying to
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>> this one girl was getting jumped and he was trying to help her out and ended up getting beat up, too. >> reporter: the culprits could be looking at serious charges. palo says it's a shame this happened. >> i think it should be a fun rivalry rather than beating each other up going on. the city of palm springs held a vigil for the two officers killed over the weekend. officer jose lesley zerebny were remembered at the vigil with stories from families and friends. they were killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. officer zerebny just returned to the force after giving birth four months ago. >> this really hit the
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they are all just sad. it's -- it's broken and it will have to take a while to get fixed. we'll get over it. >> the suspect, 26-year-old john felix, was arrested by s.w.a.t. after a 12-hour standoff. the district attorney is expected to file capital murder charges in court tomorrow. back here at home, a judge says there is enough evidence to try convicted murderer david frostick for the attempted life sentence for the murder of his fiance, when guards say he attacked larry taylor. a judge allowed our camera to record the officer's voice but not his face. he said he and frostick argued over whether the inmate was allowed to brush his feet. he said frostick grabbed him, grabbed his flashlight and beat him in the head with it.
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in an rv were killed. they died on blue diamond road after the highway patrol said a big rig driver's brakes failed. kelsey thomas went tonight crash site where traffic was backed up for hours. >> they are in an rv, possibly on vacation and to have this happen, it's a tragedy all the way around. >> reporter: debris from a deadly crash stretching three football fields. after a runaway construction zone loses brake power. >> it looks like there's concrete in the back and plus it's got the backhoe on the back. you are talking about a lot of weight not able to stop. >> reporter: jason buratczuk says the dump truck going downhill on blue diamond road and smashes into a sedan. >> the dump truck rear ends that car, causes it to go off the roadway to the right. >> reporter: the dump struck
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>> they both go off the roadway. >> reporter: inside the motor home, two elderly german tourists, 72 and 78 years old. both dead. >> it's pretty much a house on wheels. when we have a crash like that, the debris field is huge. >> reporter: traffic at a standstill for hours as nhp investigators tried to federal government out what happened. the backup of cars extending for while. tonight, a tragedy o route 160. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is throwing a flag at colin kaepernick. she called the 49er quarterback, dumb and disrespectful for refusing to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick refused to stand due to what he calls racial oppression in the u.s. other athletes have followed his
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arrogant. lawmakers began their special session. on the table, a tax hike. some of the top figures said the state can't afford to turn this opportunity down. the plan to boost the room tax for both projects, it's the stadium that's getting much of the attention. the raiders say they will come here if we build it, but it would require a $750 million public contribution. billionaire, sheldon adelson, and the raide the rest. >> we have a billionaire worth $32 billion, sheldon adelson, asking for a $750 million taxpayer buyout, handout. that's ridiculous. >> this will bring more jobs, more diversity to the economy, and there is business here that can be done and this is exactly what these room taxes were designed to do. >> that's the head of mgm
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convention center expansion. the convention center would require a $400 million tax hike. lawmakers plan to keep meetings throughout the evening. stay with us or the wc and for continuing coverage of the special session. our jeff gillan will be in carson city until lawmakers make a final decision. he will bring us live reports through the week as well as social media and web updates. the home stretch to decision 2016 campaign trail tonight after last night's second debate. donald trump says he had fun during the confrontational exchange and calls his opponent highly overrated. >> but all crooked hillary could do was talk about small, petty things last night. during the course of 90 minutes, she was exposed and her failures were exposed. she had no defense. all she could do was lie.
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>> and it doesn't sound like things are going to settle down any time soon. at this rally in pennsylvania, trump threatened to increase his scorched campaign against the clintons if more videos surface. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton blasted donald trump's locker room comments in detroit. >> he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. i will tell you men across america know that is just a really excuse for banking badly and mistreating people. >> the democratic nominee said trump's comments were part of the debate that she acknowledges was unlike anything she had seen before. she deflected his criticism and that of a protester by emphasizing she will go high while trump goes low. >> last night's political
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the next president of the united states. that's gonna happen where we live. at the thomas & mack center the work to get ready for next week's debate has already begun. as news 3's sergio avila reports, the pressure to get it right is intense. >> reporter: all over the unlv campus you will see signs. the university knows this event will be part of history. >> there's never been a general election debate in the state of nevada. >> reporter: vince with the iv thomas & mack center into the center of the political world for one night only hing not only the silver state but the running rebels. >> the fact that we have a chance to discuss issues that are important to southern nevadans and all nevadans, the fact that we have a chance to showcase this community and university and generate worldwide exposure for unlv, that's tremendous. >> reporter: such a massive event is not without
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starting next week. students are asked to park in alternative lots. professors are being encouraged to conduct classes offcampus. >> i think it's exciting for the university and the state we're finally being put on the map. >> reporter: students think the attention is great. >> i'm excited for the school and the community but fought for these two candidates. >> reporter: jeffrey is try unlv is offering a lottery for students to get a ticket. a through other students are volunteering to work the debate, all to see the rivalry to become the 45th president of the united states up close. >> it's like when you go to a boxing match, it's better than on tv. >> reporter: if you have driven by the thomas & mack, you see the shipping containers that line the perimeter of this arena.
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for security reasons. sergio avila, news 3. millennials in florida are struggling to pay their bills. >> one guy plans to lock them up, turning a jail into apartments. his plans for the bighouse. and the east coast still recovering from severe flooding after hurricane matthew. and a warm october. got up to 92. our fifth day above normal this month. i think we can do 90 again tomorrow. but then some big changes coming our way.
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there's the nevada way. work hard. play by y the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way? the wrong way for nevada.
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politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck
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ven threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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two cousins in colorado almost got themselves shot trying to take justice into their own hands. the pair confronted a complete stranger who they say stole their phone in a parking lot. the suspected thief reached for a gun in his waist and that's when the cousins reached for their tasers. fortunately, the suspect gave up and handed them their phone. police say lucky they didn't get shot. a 7 x 10-foot jail cell may not sound like home sweet home to you, but a develop in florida wants to renovate this abandoned jail and turn it into a trendy apartment complex for millennials. the developer hopes young people will have a sense of humor about it, consider moving in despite this place's creepy past. the jail's interior will be gutted and rebuilt over the next
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the valley. prices are going up. the same goes for renters but that news is not so welcomed. is this a good time to sell your home? faith spoke with experts and homeowners about the latest trends. >> our parents are 80 years old, back in the midwest and it's time to go spend time with them. >> it's a pretty large house. it's made for a big family. >> reporter: sheila hansen wants to sell her home in the northwest valley. >> we just p few weeks ago. we're asking 550. >> reporter: that asking price, a bit of a stretch according to her broker. >> people who have purchased since 2009 or before two -- before before 2004 are making money. >> we're breaking even. we're fine with that. >> reporter: the reported price of a single-family home was
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september. it also showed and 8.9% increase in sales with nearly 3,000 homes sold. it's a major improvement from 2012. the worst year to have been trying to sell your home according to one expert. >> that's when a lot of people had to sell their houses because, again, they were probably as under water as they ever were. >> reporter: but selling might not work for everybody. >> the average rent is $900. >> rte might be -- might be a more lucrative option. >> some houses are easier to rent than others. >> moving 1800 miles away, probably wouldn't work out the best for a rental. >> reporter: sheila says she still needs to sell her home to get back to her parents in the midwest. but her broker says if you don't need to sell right now, you should hold out to get a bigger payout. back to you. the water rescues continue
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weekend. one woman held onto a tree for three hours after her car was overrun by floodwaters. another woman perched on the roof of her car until they were rescued. the effects from the flooding felt not just right on the coast but even 100 miles inland. north carolina governor pat mccrory is warning signed of record floods that still could be coming as thousands of people are trapped by rising waters. >> i encourage people the water is coming, leave early. don't wait. and take -- take what you can with you. but get out of there and save your life and don't put emergency personnel at risk. >> we know hurricane matthew killed at least 20 people in the u.s. almost half of those in north carolina. most of the people who were killed were swept away by floodwaters. fortunately, we do have a survival story here. a family stranded in a pickup truck was saved before it was too late.
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the truck had either fallen from a washed-out bridge. rescuers were holding ropes to hold open the doors and they got the family out. around here, it was kind of hard to relate to what they were going through on the east coast. we have absolutely perfect weather. >> this really is the month to look forward to if you can get through the summer. let's bring in jerry brown in for chloe. >> a nice day. a little warm for some people's taste. >> sure. >> it's gonna cool down. it's also it's a tradeoff. we'll go to it. let's take a look at the view from henderson looking out to the west at lake mead parkway and warm springs. they started off clear and then we got some high clouds. then we got some cumulus clouds in here. they lowered a bit. went mostly cloudy. we'll go partly cloudy overnight. current urn currently at our downtown studios, 88. 14%. the humidity quite manageable today with the lower dew point,
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valley, southwest wind at 4 and 11%. a noticeable breeze from the west-southwest at 10. meanwhile, we take a look across the valley, centennial, 84. 84 down at green valley. mountain's edge in at 82. here are your highs. low 90s along the southeast valley of 93 down by sam boyd. 92 downtown henderson. mid-80s over in henderson. 85 in mesquite. these are current readings. currently, 86 officially for las vegas. that's the top of the hour reading out at the airport. that's down from that high of 92 today. we're looking at 90 degrees tomorrow. that's gonna be our last 90-degree day. we might get close one day in my seven-day. we'll be in the upper 80s. maybe hit 90. not a lot going on weather-wise along the atlantic seaboard.
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we do have showers in the upper plains and then here in the southwest you can see an onshore flow. there is some moisture aloft. it's not hitting the ground. with our air coming from the south. it has been on the warm side. but that's gonna change as we've got some storms brewing. a better view of that onshore flow. up to the north, the pacific will get activity and drop storms in the northwest. that will buffet our atmosphere, kick up our winds and gradually get us down. by next week 'l people are gonna like. mid-60s overnight. our normal low, tomorrow 60. i will call it mild. the cloud also help with some insulation holding the temperatures up and then lows, mid-50s in pahrump to the mid-60s in eastern clark at mesquite. highs tomorrow, generally in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. low 90s over in the eastern part of the county. 90 for vegas. another warm day with southwest winds developing in the
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mall range. here's your seven-day forecast -- and we drop down in the mid-80s wednesday and thursday. upper 80s on friday with the winds really starting to be noticeable and they will blow us into the mid-80s again over the weekend. really not a bad spade of weather. that 79 is just some icing on the cake for next week. >> that will be nice. >> that's perfect for my book. >> always a pleasure to see you, sir. many of us already use now the social network has a new idea. >> just when you thought you couldn't take on any more social media, there is a new future that makes your time line all about your company. she played a big role in history and is now celebrating a big milestone. we'll tell you about this woman who was the first to report the
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there's the nevada way. work hard. play by y the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. y taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way? the wrong way for nevada.
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well, facebook is launching a new service. it's all aimed at business. it's called workplace. it looks just like a regular facebook page but this one is focused on the company that you work for. employees can use workplace as an online bulletin board to follow company news of organize groups within the company or even watch live-streaming events
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depending upon the number of employees. a new study found several major health organizations get their funding from the top soda companies. the coca-cola company and pepsico sponsored 96 health groups between 2011 and 2015. that funding could have skewed support aimed at cutting soda consumption. in a statement, the american bever edge association said it's proud to support organizesha coming up at 11:00, the search is on for a missing man from iowa after his car is found right here in our valley. how you can help police in the case tonight. and inked for life. tattoos have been the craze for years. but how willing would you be able -- how willing would you be to get one if you had no say in the style? those stories and breaking news as it happens. and finally here -- a major
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history. >> she was the first person to report the start of world war ii. now she's 105 years old. she was 27 years old at the time. she was working at the telegraph when she repor
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the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content of this advertising. turmoil at the "today" show. >> nbc news has suspended billy bush. >> the new leaked tape making outrage.
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yourself? >> then, three new details in the brangelina divorce. why he still hasn't seen his kids, and did angie come after melissa etheridge for badmouthing her. >> it was really threatening. plus, kevin hart in tears. why he broke down during his big hollywood honor. >> and look out, gwen stefani. we are behind the scenes of the new voice mentor. >> he's fun. he's cute. he's witty, he sings great. >> wow. now, for october 10th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome, everybody. well, before we get going tonight, it's very important that i address you all directly. as a journalist for 26 years now, it is my job to bring you news about others rather than turning the focus on myself. but by now i'm sure most of you have heard the audiotape that became national news and part of the presidential race. my name was mentioned and unfortunately the release of it has thrown me into the middle of


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